UTS management cautions customers about roaming usage

POSTED: 07/13/11 11:59 AM

St. Maarten – “Roaming is expensive,” is the three word caution that Chief Executive Officer of United Telecommunications Services (UTS) Glen Carty issued Tuesday when asked why people who take their smart phones abroad pay such high costs for roaming even when they don’t make calls. People using smart phones pay roaming for both voice – calls – and for data.

“I know I’m a business man who’s should only be thinking profit but my advice to business people looking to keep costs down is to manage how they use their phones abroad and if you’re going on vacation, get a local sim card at the destination, because it’s much cheaper,” Carty said.

“Let me explain. There is a thing called data roaming. When you turn on your phone at a foreign destination and those e-mails start to come in, even if you don’t open them, you’re using data services. From the moment you open them to let’s say look at a picture, then your costs are going up again. Also most smart phones have apps that run in the background, like Facebook for your Blackberry and those also use data and cost you money,” Chief Operations Officer Roy Richardson explained.

The telecom CEO also pointed out that there continued to be areas where people could not use their phones because there is no roaming arrangement. One of the basic requirements in such a deal is that there is a certain volume of customers that will make it viable. A way around that UTS is using is to go through brokerage firms that represent providers in other small markets.

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