UTS celebrates tenth anniversary

POSTED: 11/12/13 11:26 AM

St. Maarten —Chief Operating Officer Glen Carty described the last ten years for the United Telecommunications Service (UTS) in Sint Maarten as utterly fantastic.  “If it was not for the customers in the St. Maarten and St. Martin and the neighboring islands we would not have grown the way we did. We are nearly the largest mobile telecommunications company on the island, which is the reason for the open house today.”

UTS management thought it a good gesture to thank the people for supporting them over the last ten years with a block party at their premises on Sunday. Carty noted that the company made a substantial income and that it has invested more in the company to provide better service to its customers.

“We have invested some 9 million guilders back into the network on St. Maarten alone and plan to continue this in the neighboring islands in the near future because of the technological changes that have occurred within the industry,” said Carty. He stated that during the last decade UTS has taken up its responsibility as a corporate citizen and that it have invested in a number of organizations, festivities and charities within the community. “If St. Maarten does not grow then UTS, Chippie and Caribserve cannot grow,” he said.

“The future for Chippie in the Eastern Caribbean is positive” said Carty, but what will happen with Chippe and telecommunications will not be known for what is done today because we are not looking at voice over internet but more at data. “There have been huge shifts from voice to data today’s XYZ generation is sending data, IMs and using the social media.

He further said that in the near future UTS will be introducing new services which will be surprising to the customers. “If this is not done then we will have to make drastic changes in the way we function today,” he said.

Reiterating Carty’s sentiments, Chief Commercial Officer Christina Sprock said that when the company started in 2003 it came in as the second largest telecommunications provider on the island.Over the past decade UTS has grown.“It is only fitting to have the celebration to thank our customers for their support over the years. With this celebration we show our appreciation to our customers.”UTS brought bands from neighboring islands to take care of the entertainment.

UTS started with a basic GSM-network that was geared predominantly to voice. Since then technology has moved towards data and people have started using smart phones.  “We have invested huge funds to meet the demand for data,” she said.  “We are working to increase our coverage in the different areas.There are so many people on our network that we need to continue with upgradesto give all of our clients the best service.”


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