UTS and Ctex moving ahead with partnership

POSTED: 07/19/11 11:54 AM

WILLEMSTAD – United Telecommunications Services (UTS) and Curacao Technology Exchange confirmed their partnership on Monday in a joint statement. The confirmation means UTS will invest six million dollars of venture capital in pulling an undersea cable onto Curacao’s north coast and the creation of a data center at Mahuma.

The news comes a day after fellow government company Core announced it would not invest 2.6 million dollars in the project because there are too many risks. Minister of Telecommunications and Shareholder Representative for Curacao Charles Cooper said while he respects Core’s decision he’s happy that the project will move forward as the data center will also benefit UTS. He also said that many bodies, including MCA, Korpodeko, Obna and the Foundation Government Accountants Bureau (SOAB) approved of Ctex. The SOAB reference has caught attention because Monk has said two reports from that body are why Core will not be investing in the project.

According to the agreement UTS will ensure that the data center is built and that services are offered to customers on Curacao, in the Caribbean and in Latin America via a submarine cable. In return UTS will become the preferred provider for the data center’s customers.

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