Usona to discuss closure with government today

POSTED: 03/21/13 12:48 PM

St. Maarten – The Council of Ministers will today meet with The Implementing Organization of the Foundation for the Development of the Netherlands Antilles (Uitvoeringsorganisatie Stichting Ontwikkeling Nederlandse Antillen – Usona) to look at the finalization of programs funded by the Dutch funding agency.

“There has been some talk about reprioritizing some of these projects in order to meet the deadline however we have done some shifting in the past to make sure that we meet the deadline and no money is lost. According to all reports, this will not be the case. The reprioritizing that we have done already ensures that we will not lose any money from the Usona programs because we would not have finished by the deadline,” Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams said yesterday.

By the end of 2014 everything regarding that program is expected to be completed thus restricting  St. Maarten from submitting  any further invoices, and also ensuring that all payments programs are completed.

USONA is responsible for the fair and effective management of the funds made available by the Netherlands to the islands of the former Netherlands Antilles, for development projects.

This involves projects that fit into one of their four regular programs; Institutional Strengthening and Administrative Effectiveness, Education and Youth, Plan for the Security of the Netherlands Antilles 2 and the Social Economic Initiative. The Netherlands makes a certain amount available for this each year. Furthermore, USONA manages separate supplementary programs, such as the St. Maarten Re-appropriation of Harbor Dues Protocol and Quick Wins.

In addition, under contract to the European Commission, USONA manages the funds in the 9th EDF (Structural Fund for Infrastructure) designated for the Dutch Caribbean.

USONA is empowered to manage the development cooperation funds independently of the Dutch and Antilles political establishments, has expertise relating to project assessments, project management, and monitoring and evaluations and operates in accordance with procedural rules approved by SONA, the European Commission and the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations.



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