Usona co-finances wastewater treatment system in Ebenezer

POSTED: 06/24/11 12:18 PM

Minister Heyliger also signs agreement for Midas 3

St. Maarten – VROMI Minister Theo Heyliger signed financing agreements with Usona director Udo Aron yesterday afternoon for the construction of a wastewater treatment system in Ebenezer and for the upgrading of the welfare road, the Midas Phase 3 project. Combined the two projects cost 8.2 million guilders ($4.6 million), of which Usona finances 3.66 million guilders ($2 million), and the government of St. Maarten 4.54 million guilders ($2.5 million).

The waste water treatment system in Ebenezer is designed “to provide the district within a relatively short period with an upgraded system to compensate for the overload at the existing facilities,” Minister Heyliger said.

CEC-Windward prepared the terms of reference for the project. It will be a modular wastewater treatment system for 1,500 residents with an option to expand its capacity to 2,500 residents in the future.

MNO Vervat, Smaal Water Service and Windward Roads submitted bids for the project in March. Windward Roads added two alternative bids. One of them concerns the construction of a main sewer line from the aeration basin at Ebenezer II to the upgraded wastewater treatment plant at the Illidge Road.

The government chose this option in combination with a plan CEC-Windward and Witteveen and Bos already designed in 1998. “It is in compliance with the Island Sewage Plan and with the intention to centralize sewage treatment as much as possible,” Heyliger said. “A sewage cheap valium china gravity line will be the most desirable and sustainable alternative.”

Work on the project begins on Monday at the bridge next to the SOL gas station on Illidge road. The first phase, work on the L.B. Scot road will be executed this year and the second phase will be done next year.

The L.B. Scot Road will be broken up in segments ranging from 50 to 200 meters to allow for the installation of the sewer line, pits and connection points for future home connections. Windward Roads will work for seven weeks two eight-hour shifts starting at seven o’clock in the morning from Mondays until Saturdays.

The project costs approximately 4.2 million guilders; Usona finances 960,000 guilders and the government takes care of the remaining 3.24 million.

The Midas Phase 3 project also went to Windward Roads as the lowest bidder with 4.25 million guilders, 50,000 guilders below the bid by MNO Vervat. Because the government has estimated the costs at 4 million, currently negotiation with Windward Roads are ongoing to reach an agreement. The government finances 2.7 million, while Usona contributes 1.3 million from Social Economic Initiative funds.

Midas 3 entails major infrastructural upgrading on the Waterfront Road onto the Welfare Road towards the entrance of Cay Bay. The upgrade includes sewage, drainage and public streetlights. Restructuring of the Waterfront Road intersection near the Tropicana Casino is expected to improve the traffic flow onto Welfare Road.


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