USM students take business law exam

POSTED: 12/13/13 5:07 PM

St. Maarten – Twenty-five students sat down for their exam in business law at the University of St. Martin yesterday evening. The students attended fifteen meetings during the semester that began in August. Business law is an obligatory part of their associate business study. Other components of the 2-year program are business management, accounting and information management.

After graduation students are able to continue with a bachelor’s program in the USA at the Monroe College in New York. For accounting and business management they could opt for a bachelor’s at the University of Curacao.

Almost all students are working at banks, the public sector and accountant bureaus.

The knowledge the students gather from their evening studies is immediately applicable in their daily practice. “They have a better understanding of the legal position of their clients in contractual relationships or bankruptcies,” says Thomas Riemersma, an attorney who gave the business law class. “We pay a lot of attention to the practice by going through the newspapers.”

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