Update governing plan through social media

POSTED: 01/17/13 11:49 AM

St. MaartenThe governing program, which was launched yesterday, will have a social media component in the form of a Facebook page, where the community can keep up to date with both the launching as well as the different components comprising the program.

In the program the government of St. Maarten has prioritized areas impacting the lives of the citizens of modern day St. Maarten and has directed its focus toward the enhancement of the quality of life of the people. This focus of the governing program is on education, infrastructure, district improvement and housing, health care and social welfare, economy, environment, and safety and security.

During the launch every minister gave an outline concerning the projects of their respective ministry. On a regular basis updates on the projects of the various ministries will be posted on this Facebook Page. The web link for the page is http://www.facebook.com/TheGoverningProgram20122014OfCountryStMaarten 

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