UP party calls on government to help security officers at Maho

POSTED: 03/19/13 12:32 AM

St. Maarten – The United People’s (UP) faction is concerned about the welfare of approximately 70 A-Team Security Officers and approximately 150-200 family members, the party said in a statement.
According to media reports, the employer did not pay the security officers their February salaries; the company’s owner is allegedly off island.
In the statement the UP party is calling on the government to take the appropriate measures to assist the workers before this situation becomes a catastrophe. “These persons have responsibilities and obligations to meet on a monthly basis,” UP interim can u buy diazepam online faction party leader Sylvia Meyers said in the statement.
At the same time, the UP faction commends the Maho Group of Companies for coming to the immediate aide of the security officers by providing them with some financial assistance.
The security officers also demonstrated their sense of duty to the Maho Group by staying on the job despite their predicament.
“They know how important it is to continue to provide service to the Maho Group of Companies which is one of the major hotels on the island,” Meyers said

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UP party calls on government to help security officers at Maho by

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