UP-leader Theo Heyliger presents candidates: “There must not be another coalition”

POSTED: 07/9/14 5:57 PM

St. Maarten – A large crowd came out last night for the first public event of this election summer in Pointe Blanche on the parking lot across from the Tropical Shipping company – the presentation of the 23 candidates on the list of Theo Heyliger’s United People’s party.
There were plenty of green party tee shirts, as well as, in the case of Parliament President Gracita Arrindell, stylish dresses in the party-color.
Party leader Theo Heyliger trumped it all by arriving in a UP-green Jeep Wrangler with THEO and the party slogan We Ready professionally spray painted on it.
Thumping music of the kind the electorate likes entertained the crowd from the announced starting time at 7 pm until the moment the candidates made their appearance on stage around a quarter to eight.
All candidates signed a covenant with the party, that contains all the rules for campaigning, and also an obligation to contribute to the repayment of a loan the party took out to finance its campaign. All elected candidates, appointed candidates and appointed functionaries pay 5 percent of their net monthly salary to the party. The money will be automatically deducted from their salaries.
UP president Sylvia Olivacce-Meyers asked the crowd to give the party “a chance to make a change.” She siad it is unfortunate that the UP did not manage to stay in government for the full four years since 10-10-10. “This party will make sure that the country moves forward to change. I ask all candidates to work with the UP as a team player.”
MC Mike Granger, introduced the members of the party’s youth wing UPNext and then it was up to party leader to introduce his candidates. Announced by Granger as “the captain, dedicated and a visionary with the thickest skin I know.” Heyliger said to the delight of his audience, “There must not be another coalition on August 29. We are ready to deliver.”
Then the subsequent candidates introduced themselves with brief speeches.

The UP-list is spearheaded by party leader Theo Heyliger. The top 8 that could qualify for a seat in the new parliament and includes Parliament President Gracita Arrindell as the number 2 candidate, followed by former Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs Franklyn Meyers, and National Alliance transfer Dr. Lloyd Richardson. Number 5 is acting Minister Plenipotentiary Josiane Fleming-Artsen, followed by Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake, MP Johan Leonard and yet another National Alliance transfer, Terry Peterson. MP Jules James and Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Claret Connor complete the top 10.

Former Public Health Minister and DP-stalwart Maria Buncamper-Molanus made the UP-list but only just: she is listed as number 21.

The other candidates are: 11. Miguel de Weever, 12. Tamara Leonard, 13. Jason Peterson, 14. Rhoda Arrindell, 15. Rudy Engel, 16. Angelique Romou-Martes, 17. Veronica Jansen-Webster, 18. Channel Brownbill, 19. Iris Arrindell, 20. Eugène Heyliger, 21. Maria Buncamper-Molanus, 22. Julian Rollocks, and 23. Silvio Matser.


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