Unpaid advice for my wife and Mark Mingo

POSTED: 03/6/15 1:33 PM

The reader will of course wonder what my wife and Mark Mingo have in common. Well, first of all I love them both. Mark was an amiable student of mine in Milton Peters. Another thing my wife and Mark have in common is that they both spend my money. Mark spends my money because the harbor is a business owned by the people. What do I read in the papers? Last year it cost me 1 million dollars to have a safe harbor without crime, and all of a sudden Mark wants me to pay three million dollars per year! I asked Mark to explain, but he refuses!

In closing I offer Mark a solution. Dear Mark, when you had your exam at Milton Peters you needed a 6 for Dutch Language to get your diploma. You deserved a 4 and I gave you a 6! Thanks to me you are now the boss of the harbor. If you give me one million I promise to not write about this anymore.


Unpaid Advisor,

everybody’s “cheque” mate


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Unpaid advice for my wife and Mark Mingo by

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