Unions not invited to opening of parliament

POSTED: 09/11/13 3:12 PM

St. Maarten -Although social partners such as trade unions were not invited to the opening of the Parliamentary year 2013/2014, the Windward Islands Chamber of Labor Unions (WICLU) says that it still wishes the country’s highest legislative body much success in the coming year. First vice president of the union Claire Elshot yesterday said that the unions decided to hold their weekly press conference as scheduled, while everyone else headed to the House of Parliament in Philipsburg, because it was not invited to the official event. She remarked that in bygone years, whenever the Netherlands Antilles Parliament held its opening ceremony, social partners were invited to witness and participate in the event. In Country St. Maarten, things are being done differently, Elshot said, signaling that the role of workers’ representatives may be trivialized in this new democracy.

Elshot challenged the new Parliament to get to work immediately on enacting legislation that would make its term more meaningful.

“I would like to wish the parliament a successful year and hope to see more of the work that is cut out for a parliament to do, being done in this parliament year. Enact laws that would assist fiscal agents so that they would have legislations to collect, so that St. Maarten would be able to take care of their financial responsibilities as a country and clean up their house financially,” Elshot said yesterday during WICLU’s weekly press briefing.




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