Union wants shop stewards at schools

POSTED: 10/26/12 12:46 PM

St. Maarten – The attendance of a member of the Windward Islands Teachers Union (Witu) to the St. Lucia conference has sparked new initiatives for the union. Among these are the appointment and training of shop stewards for several schools.”The work of the union has to continue,” Witu-President Claire Elshot said.
The training was conducted and funded by Education International for newly elected members The persons who are indentified will be trained locally and if more training is needed they have the support of the Education International Caribbean Office which is affiliated to the Caribbean Union of Teachers that has representation 26 unions in the Caribbean. There is also an initiative to establish a Women’s Committee. Elshot noted that in the early 70’s there was a similar committee with strong women who made proper representation by being very vocal and getting things done.
She recalled that during those days the members of that committee travelled as far as China to represent the women in St. Maarten’s community. “There is a need to encourage young women to spread awareness and to continue with the work of upgrading women.” The union plans to establish a women’s awareness committee before the Caribbean Union of Teachers next bi-annual conference in July 2013.
This bi-annual conference is hosted by the Guyana Teachers Union in Georgetown.
There are also several meetings scheduled with the school boards about a collective labor agreement and some “points of contention” which the teachers have been experiencing over the years, Elshot said. She noted that even though they have been using the new salary scales for the teachers for nearly four years it is their intention to meet with the Minister of Education Silveria Jacobs and to “press for some improvements.”
Elshot also brought up the adjustment of the vacation allowance for teachers. “This allowance has never been adjusted. we have noticed that there have been adjustment on all other islands except for St. Maarten,” the union-leader said.

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