Union wants MPs to stand up

POSTED: 02/28/13 12:26 PM

St. Maarten – The Windward Islands Civil Servants Union and the Private Sector Union (Wicsu/PSU) is urging parliamentarians and ministers to champion the cause of all long serving civil servants who have served faithfully. The union said that it has noted with interest the overwhelming representation by legislators of the former managing director of Postal Services St. Maarten N.V, Denicio Richardson. Richardson tendered his resignation from the post office following his suspension for breaching corporate protocol at the government owned company.

“It is a sad situation that our locals are being pressured in such a way. This does not send a good signal to the young people who are away studying and are looking forward to coming back home to serve the community,” Union President Derie Leonard told Today.

She believes that the Members of Parliament, who up until now have vigorously defended Richardson, also ought to look into the case of head of Public Education Services, Glenderlin Davis-Holiday.

Davis-Holiday was sent home late last year pending an inquiry into the operation of her division on the sanction of the Council of Ministers. Education Minister Silveria Jacobs had said that the outcome of the investigation showed that Division Public Education was performing far below expectations. The minister said that Davis-Holiday was suspended per say but was sent home for not cooperating with the investigation.

“She did nothing wrong but her name was made public in an attempt to stain her character and damage her reputation. Again I say it is a sad situation and this yet another example of what is happening with our local St. Maarteners. At the end they are being pressured to the extreme that they just decide that they don’t deserve the treatment so they just throw in the towel and walk away. We hope that the parliamentarians and the Council of Minister also taken Mrs. Davis-Holiday’s situation into consideration to and   represent her the same way,” Leonard added.

The union leader said that Wicsu will continue its representation of its member and prove to the public that she did nothing wrong.

Following a request from the union, Minister Jacobs held a meeting with Wicsu on Tuesday to discuss Davis-Holiday’s situation. The outcome of that meeting is still shrouded in secrecy.

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