Union seeks mediation in postal service transfer

POSTED: 10/4/11 12:39 PM

St. Maarten – The St. Maarten Communication Workers Union has asked labor mediator Derrick Holiday to help them get the management of Postal Services St. Maarten N.V. to meet with them on the transfer of employees. They also accuse the Managing Director of Postal Services St. Maarten Denicio Richardson of trying to delay the post office staffs transfer from the New Post Netherlands Antilles, which says it will cease to operate the postal service here on October 9.

In an e-mail to media on Monday the union states that Richardson has attempted to delay things by requesting information from New Post Netherlands Antilles instead of the union.

“If PSS sits with the union and indicates what information they need exactly the union could try to get it for PSS. The union has already sent information on the staff working for NPNA to PSS without PSS requesting the information from the union. Now PSS wants to say that the information is not detailed enough and is requesting additional information from the union (pension payment and vacation days of employees and CLA). Information could be shared with PSS by NPNA but PSS has to sit and start negotiation instead of fighting,” the union’s President Ludson Evers wrote in his email.

The October 3 letter to Holiday states, “We have exhausted all avenues to meet simultaneously with PSS and NPNA to negotiate the transfer of the NPNA St. Maarten staff. We have presented a draft Protocol to NPNA, which NPNA signed with the SMCU, and we have presented that same singed draft protocol to PSS and have not succeeded to meet with PSS. We offered to meet and explain the content of the protocol but to no avail. After the public statement form PSS, they have left us with no other option than to seek for government mediation.”

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