Union for Progress endorses Arnell

POSTED: 06/13/12 1:22 PM

MARIGOT – More support keeps coming in for the Triple R candidate Guillaume Arnell who is contesting the Legislative Elections for the Deputy in the French Senate. The latest support comes from vice president of the Union for Progress Felicia Baly-Stanford.

“Because of the current political configuration and economic situation that the island faces, I am asking you to vote this coming Saturday for Socialist candidate Guillaume Arnell. The leftist government is dominating the National Assembly, the Minister of Overseas Departments and Territories is a Socialist and also the President of the Republic is a Socialist,” Baly-Stanford stated.

Later she’d add, “The support for Daniel Gibbs by the president of St. Barths Bruno Magras did a great disservice to St. Martin and even though Magras might have remained true to his rightist leanings he obviously did not take into consideration the fact that we share a Deputy or did not consider St. Martin current situation. It is clear that St. Martin needs to take care of its own business despite the preoccupations of the neighbors next door to do what is right for our country,” Baly-Stanford said.

“There is nothing that can be accomplished for Saint-Martin by putting a novice parliamentarian in the opposition to represent us in the National Assembly. Arnell has links to the left in the Senate, National Assembly and in the Ministry of the Overseas…Consider your choices. Weigh them carefully and then please don’t abstain. Go out and vote for Guillaume Arnell to represent Saint-Martin. Before that, encourage your friends to do the same,” concluded Felicia Baly-Stanford.

Senator Louis Constant Fleming has also endorsed Guillaume Arnell as the candidate for St. Martin for the run-off which is expected this weekend. Arnell was behind Gibbs by 946 votes in the elections last weekend and as a result the Triple R party decided to intensify their work in the field and the endorsements by the other parties who contested the elections could help swing the elections in favor of the Triple R candidate Guillaume Arnell.

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