Union and insurance broker sign cooperation agreement

POSTED: 09/20/11 12:13 PM

St. Maarten – The St. Maarten Communication Workers Union (S.M.C.U) and Henderson Insurances have signed a cooperation agreement for the insurance broker to provide technical back-office support for negotiating “human-related” benefits for the union’s members.
“S.M.C.U. deems it very important to play a more active role in securing long-term benefits for its members that can be sustained with a sound and disciplined financial policy of the companies of its members. Besides having the right insurance in place to protect the companies’ assets in event of a loss/damage, the union is of the strong opinion that employee benefits for medical expenses must be properly regulated,” the union’s leadership stated in a press release.
“In the absence of a good medical plan employees have to go in their own pockets to pay medical expenses which minimize the possibility to effectively plan the financial future of the respective families. Along the lines of financial planning, the union will be also looking at benefits for relatives and loved ones of the members in event of untimely death, disability, loss of wages due to accidents and pension benefits after retirement. To facilitate these benefits the union will push for responsible spending of company funds while playing a more active role in cost cutting measures,” the union also stated.

President of the Workers Institute for Organized Labor Theophilus Thompson and Gregory Arrindell of the Windward Islands Healthcare Union Association (W.I.H.C.U.A) were also present. Those two unions have similar agreements.

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