Uliska Benjamin is Miss Pitchounette, St. Maarten

POSTED: 01/29/13 1:16 PM

Miss pichounetteSt. Maarten – Uliska Benjamin, was the last contestant from the group of five but certainly not the least and after four of the sashes, there was no doubt on anyone’s mind that she was going to be the Miss Pitchounette for 2013. The judges agreed and so did the majority of the audience in the Omni Sports Auditorium on Sunday evening.

Benjamin, the tallest of the group of five talented young ladies was also chosen by the photographers as the top contestant for the Miss Photogenic sash, the audience unanimously agreed that she was the Miss Popularity and the panel of judges also agreed that she was the winner of the talent segment, best Carnival costume and by extension she was the undisputed queen.

The first runner up prize went to contestant #3 Alida Hamlet who also won the prize for best princess wear, the second runner up prize went to contestant #1 Amaya Abrin and she also won the prize as the contestant that sold the most tickets.

The third runner up prize went to contestant #4 Kelya Deroche and the 4th runner up prize went to contestant #2, Shamira Adams. Each of the contestants received a trophy for participating in addition to a variety of gifts.

The annual pageant included five segments and they include, speech, talent, princess wear and Carnival costume. For each segment the criteria varied, to start off the proceedings, the five girls wore similar outfits to perform an introduction dance which was choreographed by Romaric Benjamin.

After a short bit of entertainment, the contestants returned to the stage one after the other for the speech segment where they were required to introduce themselves to the best of their abilities. But that was where Benjamin stood out from the rest after addressing the capacity audience in her native language of French and English.

What was evident in that segment was that a variety of pressing issues was touched by each of the contestants, but clarity was of vital importance to the judges. While the girls changed for the talent segment, there was another short spell of entertainment and when they returned, the pageant went to another level.

Abrin, stuck to the necessity for children to get the right amount of education during her calypso drama and her potential to sing calypso became evident. The same could be said about Adams who had a strong message for all parents.

But when Hamlet took to the stage, she made her presence felt with her appreciation for all forms of music and did a great job at it. Derosche’s message was portrayed in her dance, but Benjamin nailed it for the second time in her short dramatization of a student pleading for parents to spend more time with their children and she had her proud mother on stage during the latter stages of her act.

The princess wear was next and in that segment, a maximum of 80 points was up for grabs. This was the segment that could have made a vast difference for each of the contestants, each of them wanted to look like a princess, but it all went down to design, modeling skills, fit, stability, accessories and visual impact where 30, 10, 20 and 20 points was awarded accordingly.

Benjamin, who wore a bright yellow gown that shimmered under the lights and flashes from the cameras. But the glory in that category went to contestant #3 Hamlet who made a bold entrance as a flower, encased in its sheath and ready to bloom.

After a few sprinkles of water (from her specially designed prop boy), the sheath was opened only to reveal a princess wearing a blue sleeveless gown. But was missing from her upper arm was made by the cut off sleeve which began just above her elbow down to her wrist. However, each of the other contestants wowed the audience during that segment, there was certainly not a dull moment.

In the final segment, the girls all had something in common while displaying their custom fitted Carnival costumes. Abrin’s depiction of a flamboyant flower, Adams, with her floral diversity, Hamlet, ‘The Phoenix Bird’, Derosch, a huge butterfly fairy and to put the icing on the cake was Benjamin’s fusion of colors while being backed up by steel pan music.



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