Two students sail on tall ship

POSTED: 01/27/12 2:47 PM
Veerle Rolus (maritime school) and Rien Korteknie (Sbo)

GREAT BAY/MARIGOT – Two trainees in the will have the chance to sail aboard the tall ship “Eendracht” for a week during a journey from St. Martin to Bermuda. They will pay nothing for the journey and their return flight as these are sponsored by the Maritime School of the West Indies.

“We are very happy that the foundation “Het zeilend zeeschip” (The sailing sea ship) that operates the vessel Eendracht, and the Caribbean sail training association, gave us again the possibility to have young trainees on board his vessel,” Director of the Maritime school of the West Indies Veerle Rolus said.
“We have been working with the Eendracht for several years now and we have experienced that sail training on board a tall ship provides young people with an unqualified opportunity to discover their real and true potential. The shared experience of meeting the sometimes harsh demands of the sea brings a world of change to youngsters that have surprised educators, parents and psychologists all over the world and wherever sail training exists,” Rolus added.

The journey on the tall ship will allow the students to practice their sailing skills and to work on personal skills, teamwork, personal accountability and leadership.
“As a Secondary vocational school, preparing our youngsters for jobs in the maritime industry on the Dutch side in St. Maarten, we are pleased to have the opportunity again to have some of our students involved with sailing on a tall ship. Our solid relation with the Csta and the Maritime school of the West Indies on the French Side opens the door to serious ocean-sailing. Even more important than just the sailing, is the exposure of our students to a complete different environment, away from home and working together with the crew on a ship. The saying is: ‘they go as a boy, come back as a man’,” Sbo maritime coordinator Rien Korteknie said.

Other sail training voyages
The Caribbean sail training association regularly looks for sponsorship and donations so it can offer year round opportunities for youth to sail on tall ships free of costs. All youngsters that are born on a Caribbean island or that live in the Caribbean for at least 10 years can apply to sail on one of the vessels if they meet some basic criteria. Each participant must be between 15 and 25, have a doctor’s certificate of good health, have a permission letter from their parents if they are younger than 18 and have a letter from their school allowing them leave to participate in the voyage that takes place during the school term. Each candidate also needs to send a motivation/application letter and their curriculum vitae to the Caribbean sail training association.

Adults can also sign up for the upcoming journey to Bermuda and onwards to the Azores. The trip from St. Maarten to Bermuda is 650 euro and the trip from Bermuda to the Azores is 1, 000 euro. People who want additional information on the possibilities for adults should contact Stichting het zeilend zeeschip’s sales & marketing manager Maureen Overdevest at

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