Two more shootings, teenager wounded

POSTED: 07/30/13 11:08 AM

St. Maarten – After the shooting in the early morning hours of last Friday in the vicinity of the Tantra nightclub in Maho Reef, police dealt with two more shootings during the weekend. On the first occasion, the shooter hit a car with two bullets; the second shooting left a 19-year old with a wound to his left arm.

On Friday at 5.10 a.m., a bit more than an hour after the shooting near Tantra, a police patrol went to defiance road where a man with the initials A.A.F. told officers that he was driving with his son on the A. Th. Illidge Road towards Middle region. Near the ICT-building in Madame estate he heard several shots. At home he discovered that his car had been hit by two bullets.

The plaintiff said not to know why anybody would shoot at his car. Police confiscated the vehicle for further investigation by the forensic and the detective departments.

On Sunday around 11 p.m. the third shooting occurred on the parking of the Peking supermarket opposite the Tropicana Casino on Welfare Road. On the scene, police officers found a teenager, 19-year old J.R., bleeding from a wound to his lower left arm.

The young man said he had been sitting in his car listening to music when he suddenly heard several gunshots and then felt a sharp pain in his arm. Police officers noted that the bullet had left a hole in the car. Paramedics treated J.R. on the scene and then took him to the St. Maarten Medical center for further treatment. Officers confiscated the victim’s car for further investigation.

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Two more shootings, teenager wounded by

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