Two more gas stations forced to close pumps

POSTED: 11/23/12 12:52 PM

St. Maarten – An early inspection by members from the Economic Department resulted in the partial closure of one gas station and the shutdown of a second, the simple but technical reason was that customers were getting more than they paid for.
These closures comes in the wake of a similar exercise which was done at the Star Mart pumps last Friday and as long as the pumps are not calibrated in accordance with stipulated guidelines, more closures can be expected in the coming weeks.
“We encountered similar problems like we had at Star Mart and the Gas Station in Sucker Garden, people were getting more than they expected” said Martin Wilson, after the pumps at the Sol Gas Station were ordered to be closed.
According to Wilson, at the Sol Gas Station in Philipsburg, all five pumps were not working properly. Two of the pumps were giving out a little over one litre of gas, two were giving out eight ml’s over and the fifth pump give out 4ml’s over.
“That discovery left the manager at Sol with the choice to shut down the operations until the technician checked and calibrated all the pumps. But in Sucker Garden, two pumps were giving out too much gas and one was working correctly.”

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Two more gas stations forced to close pumps by

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