Twelve months for gun possession

POSTED: 05/10/12 3:54 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Franklin Luciano Ash to 12 months imprisonment yesterday for firearm possession. On January 24 police found a .45 caliber Glock C12 handgun during a search of the defendant’s home at the Grenada Road. Police acted on information received from the criminal intelligence service CID.

The court rejected attorney mr. Brenda Brooks’ argument that the house search had been unlawful. Judge mr. Monique Keppels found justification for the house search in the CID-information and information retrieved from the large-scale Vesuvius-investigation into the drugs-related murders of Amador Jones, Hector Miguel and Rodolfo Arrindell, Eric Lake and Kevin Gumbs. The CID-information contended that the defendant “possesses several firearms and is usually carrying a firearm.”

When officers found the Glock in the house, Ash confessed that the weapon belonged to him. He also gave cell-material for a DNA-test. The Dutch Forensic Institute NFI is testing Ash’s DNA “for more than testing whether the gun belongs to him.”

Prosecutor Den Hartigh said during the trial in April that weapons of the caliber found at the defendant’s house were used in the murders that are under investigation and that it is therefore logic to further scrutinize the weapon and Ash’s DNA-profile.

Ash was detained and interrogated for involvement with the Vesuvius-murders, but he had not been labeled a suspect.

Ash told investigators after they found the gun and nine rounds of ammunition: “The accusations are correct. I have been shot before and I was given the gun for my protection. I don’t have a permit.”

The gun’s serial number from the weapon was removed forensic detectives noted in their report.

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