Trumane Trotman is senior Carnival Queen

POSTED: 04/28/11 12:31 PM

St. Maarten – Twenty year old Trumane Trotman, got the nod of approval from the panel of judges when the curtains went down on the 2011 Senior Carnival pageant early on Wednesday morning, a decision which was not well received in some sections of the audience.

Trotman who won the best cultural wear along with Luduska Dongo came into the contest with distinct points of advantage. She solidified that position after she received the sash for Miss Photogenic, best swim wear, Miss Amity and best question and answer segments.

The third runner up position went to contestant number two, Glenicia Mitchell, Shanay Andrews, contestant number 7 rebounded after her mistake in the pre judging competition to clinch the second runner up spot after a daring act above the stage while Davinia Brooks, contestant number 8, won the Miss Popularity, best evening gown and best costume.

It was a dream come through for the former St Dominic student who now works as a customer service and operations agent at the Princess Juliana Airport Handlers. She later admitted that she was shocked by the announcement.

“I was prepared for the unexpected, but I was shocked when Luduska did not make the final four. I want to say a big thank you to my sponsors, my chaperone Dorothy Rajouki, Navina Marsham, Sammy Gomez and Mercedez,” Trotman said.

For the next twelve months, Trotman has earned the right to be an ambassador for Country St Maarten if she is invited to compete in any international pageant. She will also be expected to attend a variety of functions around the island. Trotman’s long term goal is to get her Bachelors degree in International Business Management and her Bachelors in Aviation Management.

Most would agree that the competition among the nine contestants was close, but it was Andrews who provided the ‘wow’ factor after her hair raising act, high above the head of the judges in the talent segment where 10 points was awarded for natural talent, 25 for content, 20 for execution and  for impact.

In the swim wear segment, Trotman who already had points used her height advantage and well defined body to take breaths away when the judges were looking for fit and suitability, 10, carriage/deportment, 10 and fitness/tone, 15 points.

A total of 45 points was up for grabs in the Carnival Costume segment, a title that went to Brooks who was attired in a white and gold suit of a female warrior complete with sword in one hand and a shield in the form of St Maarten’s map in the other hand.

Brooks, by far the most experienced contestant in the competition with stage experience used her well defined body and height to display her tantalizing evening gown for the judges, cameras and audience.

The former Senior Carnival Queen Shanouelka Hodge, had the opportunity to grace the stage for the last time before performing the honors of sashing the top four contestants and placing the crown on the head of the new queen.

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