Troubled school bus driver sent to jail for 42 months

POSTED: 03/14/13 12:15 PM

St. Maarten – The children Bernardo Oswaldo Hyman used to drive to school every morning in his bus will have to look for another means of transport for the time being. The Court in First Instance sentenced the 30-year-old school bus driver yesterday to 42 months of imprisonment – the result of three days of rage back in December. Of the sentence, 18 months are suspended. The court imposed 3 years of probation and ruled that Hyman has to subject himself to supervision by the Rehabilitation Bureau and that he has to abide by instructions to continue with treatment at the Mental Health Foundation and at Turning Point. Anger management training could also be part of the measures the rehab bureau has in store for the defendant.

The troubled defendant stabbed someone with a pen on December 18 of last year; the next day he hit someone with a piece of wood on the head and on the third day he ignored a stop order and almost ran over two police officers.
The court acquitted Hyman of attempted manslaughter on the police officers, but sentenced his for an attempt to cause the officers grievous bodily harm. The court based its decision on the low speed of the car at the moment of the incident.

The court also acquitted Hyman of attempted manslaughter on a man whom he stabbed with a pen on December 18. From the file it is not possible to establish that the defendant had the intention to kill his victim or to cause him grievous bodily harm, the court ruled. Stabbing someone with a pen in a shoulder also does not result in a significant death-risk, the court decided.

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