Tromp: no comment on meeting with Rosenmöller committee

POSTED: 08/29/11 12:16 PM

St. Maarten – Central Bank President dr. Emsley Tromp met with Paul Rosenmöller and Cees Maas, the two-man committee charged with examining options to improve integrity in Curacao’s government owned companies. Generally however, the committee is perceived as an entity that investigates allegations of corruption that have been made by Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte towards Tromp, and by Tromp towards Schotte.
The Rosenmöller-committee was in Curacao last week where its chairrman and Maas spoke with a host of people, Central Bank Director Tromp among them.
But during Friday’s press conference where the Central Bank presented its annual 2010 report in St. Maarten, Tromp declined to comment on his meeting with the committee.
Asked what message he had given to Rosenmöller, Tromp said, “I do not think it is appropriate to comment on this. We’ll have to let the committee do its work and await their report.”

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Tromp: no comment on meeting with Rosenmöller committee by

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