Tromp considering resigning from Central Bank top job

POSTED: 05/25/11 1:14 PM

Investigation requested about innuendo

WILLEMSTAD/GREAT BAY – Director of the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten Emsley Tromp has an investigation into the “innuendo” and rumors in the local media about his role in a personal loan from a local bank. He also states that he is considering resigning because the functioning of the Central Bank has been systematically frustrated by Curacao’s new government. The rumors themselves are not the issue for Tromp. He says it’s more about having his name in the clear.

In the morning program on Radio Perspektiva Curom/Z-86 Tromp was confronted with rumors in the media about his performance. According to morning newspaper Vigilante Tromp was involved in a loan that Banco di Caribe gave his girlfriend for two companies based in the Renaissance Mall. According to media publications, Tromp’s name was used to register both companies. The loan amount was 3 million guilders. Tromp did not get any personal benefits from the loan, and he’s sure only the government has the power to gain insight into a private transaction and then publish it.
The news comes at a time when the Central Bank is consistently in the news. Members of Curacao’s Parliament have questioned the Central Bank’s role in issues at the country’s electricity provider (Aqualectra). The ruling MFK faction has been especially critical and that criticism led to a meeting Monday between Tromp and MFK MPs Dean Amerigo and Thode Rozier. During this conversation Rozier pointed out that there was a hostile and negative attitude of the government to Tromp, and that he was happy to mediate. Tromp stressed that he will not stand in the way of the Central Bank’s operation.
During the radio program though he’d said that since the appointment of the government operation of the Central Bank has been impossible.

“Letters from the Central Bank to the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister are not answered. Our Board has not yet been appointed. Our financial statements are not approved. The budget for this year has not yet been approved. We are not able to implement monetary policy, because the Board needs to approve it. There have been no preparations for the launch of the new Caribbean guilder, even as we run out of Antillean guilders. All of this is happening as time runs out for an August 28 evaluation of our financial system by the International Monetary Fund,” Tromp said.

Because of the situation Tromp says he’s considered resigning. But the recent rumors keep in the position, because he wants his name cleared first.

“A lot of things have been suggested. I value my integrity. I will request an inquiry from the government of Curacao and St. Maarten so my name in cleared as I have done nothing wrong. The whole thing has nothing to do with the Central Bank. It is a loan from a private institution,” Tromp said.


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