Tricks gets 7 years for two armed robberies

POSTED: 07/24/14 11:30 PM

St. Maarten – The Court in First Instance sentenced Leroy Wilson yesterday to 7 years of imprisonment for committing two armed robberies and for firearm possession.

On April 6, 2013 Wilson robbed the Golden Island Chinese restaurant of money, cell phones and phone cards. On December 2, he robbed the owner of the Flex Music room most requested store on Front Street of 200 guilders and $400 under threat of a firearm. A couple of weeks later, on December 19, he was arrested and found in the possession of a caliber .45 Hi Point JHP pistol.

Wilson, nicknamed Tricks, committed the restaurant robbery together with Don Leogal and a man identified as Fat Head. Leogal was found in the possession of $487, a $20 Canadian banknote, 80 guilders and $90 worth of UTS phone cards. He also carried a pistol that later on turned out to contain Wilson’s DNA-profile.

Leogal told investigators that the three robbers met in town and that they “masked up” before entering Golden Island. The daughter of the restaurant owner told investigators that one of the robbers had taken a guest in a stranglehold, pulled him from a bar stool and pushed him on the floor. “Immediately afterwards I heard him say: “Everybody on the floor.” All guests obeyed. One robber went into the kitchen where he hit the owner’s son with a gun on his head. The others emptied the cash register and grabbed three cell phones they found next to it.

On December 2, Tricks entered the Flex Music store on Front Street around 10.30 p.m. The store was closed for business but the owner was still busy tidying up. He recognized Wilson as a man whose mother works at McDonalds and whose brother has a heart problem. Wilson was wearing a hoodie and had covered his face with a red handkerchief.

The owner at first though the robbery was a joke, because the robber was aware that he knew him. Nevertheless, Wilson pointed his gun at him and told him to lie down on the ground and to empty his pockets. After grabbing the money, Wilson ran out of the store.

Upon his arrest on December 19, Wilson carried a Glock model 23 pistol.

Judge Koos van de Ven considered in sentencing that Wilson had an earlier conviction to his name: a prison sentence of 5 years (with 2 years suspended) from June 3, 2008 for attempted manslaughter and firearm possession.

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