Trial young rapists postponed again

POSTED: 11/22/12 1:43 PM

St. Maarten – Two boys who are accused of raping and sexually assaulting their two sisters – one of them just 3 years old – will remain in jail until at least next year March 14 to allow time for psychological and psychiatric evaluation. The boys’ mother, Jasmain Paula V. (38), is charged with six counts that all basically come down to creating the opportunity for her sons to abuse their sisters.

The case was already in court on May 16 and on September 26. Both times the trial was postponed to allow time for an evaluation of the two boys – aged 18 and 20. In September there was permission from Curacao’s Justice Minister Elmer Wilsoe to have the boys evaluated at the Foba in Willemstad, but it was unclear when the institution would be able to schedule the 7-week observation.

After some deliberations between the prosecutor, the judge and the attorneys for the boys and the mother – attorneys Shaira Bommel and Brenda Brooks respectively – Judge Tamara Tijhuis put the case file in the hands of prosecutor Georges van den Eshof and instructed him to fly in a psychologist from Curacao and to make sure that a so-called double-report (by the psychologist and a psychiatrist of the Mental health Foundation) is available at the next court date. The court also ordered a psychological evaluation for the mother.

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