Tri-partite meeting establishes sub-committees

POSTED: 02/10/12 1:46 PM

St. Maarten – The Windward Islands Chamber of Labor Unions Wiclu will meet with its member organizations tomorrow morning at ten o’clock to decide about candidates for the three sub-committees that were established in the last tri-partite meeting with the government and the private sector.

The tri-partite meeting set up a sub-committee for International Labor Organization matters, one for the local labor market, and one for the upgrading of labor legislation, Wiclu first vice president Claire Elshot said yesterday.

The labor market sub-committee will deal with matters like minimum wage, cost of living adjustment, price control and short term labor contracts.

The labor legislation sub-committee will consists of two members each from the unions, the government and the private sector. To the other two sub-committees each sector appoints one member.

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