Travel Planners staff invest in pension plan

POSTED: 06/6/12 11:56 AM

Staffers of Travel Planners pose with Ennia’s local manager Myrtille Brookson during the presentation of the final documents for their pension plan.

St. Maarten – The staff of Travel Planners are now covered by a retirement plan with Ennia that was secured by their Managing Director Zaida Vlaun-Urvina. The business lady started talks with Ennia after reading an article reviewing the importance of a good pension plan written by Ennia’s local manager Myrtille Brookson.

The employees were briefed on their options in January and decided to accept an “attractive retirement package”.
“It is important to find good employees who are loyal. Thereforewe want to offer our staff good employee benefits.When you look around you see too many employees who are upon retirement but still have to work,” Vlaun-Urvina said.

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Travel Planners staff invest in pension plan by

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