Transparency International investigation does not satisfy Dutch parliamentarians

POSTED: 11/27/11 11:05 AM

THE HAGUE – The Socialist Party and GreenLeft reacted negatively yesterday to Curacao’s plan to let Transparency International investigate the government’s integrity. The Kingdom Council of Ministers took a decision about the initiative yesterday, but Kingdom Relations Minister Piet Hein Donner declined to reveal details. “I will inform the parliament next week in writing,” he said.
Amigoe reported that both Donner and Curacao’s Minister of Plenipotentiary Sheldry Osepa made the impression that the Kingdom Council of Ministers considers this investigation satisfactory. The government in Willemstad has ignored recommendations in the Rosenmöller report to have such an integrity investigation done.
Donner said yesterday that he will take Rosenmöller’s recommendation into consideration.
Prime Minister Mark Rutte confirmed yesterday that a decision had been taken but he declined to elaborate.
Andre Bosman (VVD) said that it is good that a broad investigation is done and that the government in Curacao is now seriously busy with it, He said that transparency International has a good reputation. Bosman said that he wished the investigation includes scrutiny of individual ministers, but that he is unable to judge whether this will happen because there is insufficient information available at the moment.
Wassila Hachchi (D66) had a similar reaction. “But I do want to hear from the minister what exactly the assignment for Transparency International is. I also wonder why it has to take so long, maybe until the end of 2012. Maybe there is a good reason for this.”
Ronal van Raak (Socialist Party) was more critical. “Transparency International is not able to do this investigation. That has to be done by the National Detective Agency or by the General Information and Security Service under the responsibility of the Kingdom Council of Ministers. The Netherlands is still responsible for good governance on the islands. I cannot imagine that the parliament will accept this investigation.”

Ineke van Gent (GreenLeft) criticized the fact that there will be no investigation of individuals. “That was the purpose. Now it looks like a compromise to get rid of the hassle.”
Van Gent will question minister Donner on Tuesday. Bas Jan van Bochove (CDA) told press agency AP that the investigation the government in Curacao proposes is “insufficient.”

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