Transition payments biggest cost for changing government

POSTED: 05/31/12 12:51 PM

St. Maarten – Finance Minister Roland Tuitt says the only major expense from the change of government will be the transition payments to former ministers, while they look for another job. He also revealed that the payment is not a pension as such and that former United People’s Party Ministers will only be able to collect the money for one year.

Asked about the cost of the government transition Tuitt said, “I don’t think the cost will be a great cost. The only cost that I vision right away is that the ministers have a period that they will be collecting salary and some people misconstrue this. The period that is given is because you were in a high function and now you are unemployed and you are supposed to, in that period, go and look for new employment and it’s an overgangsregeling (transition regulation). It’s not a pension or payment for you to stay home. It’s a transition period payment to help the individuals in the period in which they are seeking employment.”

“The law stipulates two years. However because the former government did not sit down half the period that the law stipulates, those ministers will be entitled to one year,” Tuitt also said.

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