Traffic lights will be operational within two days

POSTED: 10/22/14 9:41 PM

St. Maarten —The traffic lights into Philipsburg have been non-operational since the passing of hurricane Gonzalo over a week ago causing a number of near accidents and a level of confusion as a few motorists take advantage of the opportunity and throw caution to the wind. The relevant authorities are aware of the situation and have been making efforts to have it remedied.

“We will have the lights operational within the next two days, as we make adjustments to the system,”  Claudius Buncamper, head of the department of infrastructure management told this newspaper in an invited comment.

Buncamper explained that during the passing of Hurricane Gonzalo last Monday two of the light heads had been damaged, which is why the island’s only traffic lights at the intersection of Bush Road, Walter A. Nisbeth Road, Longwall Road and A.T. Illidge Road are currently in-operational . He added that the necessary pieces for the traffic lights have been ordered and assured that once these pieces arrive, they will be used to replace the damaged lights. Once operational, the lights will restore order to the flow of traffic at the intersection.

Despite the near misses most motorists have been exercising courtesy and the flow of traffic has not been seriously impeded. There have also as at press time been no reports of accidents at the traffic lights.

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Traffic lights will be operational within two days by

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