Tough measures

POSTED: 08/12/15 4:18 PM

Justice Minister Dennis Richardson has stepped up to the plate at lightning speed after the shooting of police Officer Gamali Benjamin. In an unprecedented move, the minister announced a number of measures that are both bold and extremely necessary and for the most part practical and useful.

We are especially taken with the minister’s plan to ban bikes, scooters and quads from the center of Philipsburg and with the concept of preventive searches.

Citizens may worry that this will turn the Friendly Island into a mini police state. We understand those concerns, but under the current conditions the minister’s plans are the least of two evils.

The choice between a control on the content of your backpack a couple of times per week and a bullet in your head does not seem to be all that difficult.

Tough measures – put in place swiftly and executed properly – that seems to be exactly what the minister ordered to put a stop to the rapid deterioration of our community.

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