Topper’s gears up for Taste of St. Maarten

POSTED: 06/17/13 11:32 AM

St. Maarten – When Sunday July 7 rolls around, Topper’s Taste of St. Maarten-event will enter its sixth edition. For the first time, 8 French restaurants will join 18 dutch-side restaurants in this festive food sampling bonanza that will bring between 2,500 and 3,000 people to topper’s location on Welfare Road in Simpson Bay.

Topper Daboul got the idea for Taste of St. Maarten after visiting a similar, but much larger, event in the United States, called taste of Chicago. “I thought, why don’t we do that here? July is a bad time of the year for everyone and this is really a gay occasion.”

Taste of Chicago will open on the heels of Taste of St. Maarten, on July 10. It is the 33rdtime the windy city organizes the event – a surefire piece of proof that the concept is highly appreciated.

Topper’s daughter Marni has taken the organization of Taste of St. Maarten on her.

“People will be able to sample food for maybe or two dollars,” Toppers says. The event is sponsored by President, radiostation 91.9 FM and Fun Shack, the company that will provide slides and other fun attractions for children. Today also soft-sponsors Taste of St. Maarten.

There will be a music venue where amongst others the Jolly Boys will entertain the audience. The day will close with a grand Broadway show by dancers from the Dance Theater of St. Maarten.

Radiostation 91.9 FM will broadcast live from the location on July  7. Benefits from the event go to the Salvation Army.

Topper has startedto warm upthe island for Taste of St. Maarten in his weekly radiosho  foodstuff Live that broadcasts every Thursday morning at 10.30 on 91.9 FM

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