Toothless Delcita teased and pleased the audience

POSTED: 02/5/15 6:32 PM

St. Maarten -There was never a dull moment under the tent at the Princess Port de Plaisance last Friday when Andrea Wright, stage name Delcita Coldwater and her star studded cast appeared in the theatrical play, ‘Elsayda.’

The play which was a continuation of ‘University of Delcita’, a family oriented play which she co wrote with Paul O. Beale was created to help the audience realize that on the road to success, there are many challenges.

Only those who decide to quit will fail and in her case, the sky was the limit even if it meant stepping on a few toes in her quest to attain her degree.

Her totally brutal mannerism matched her personality and even though she was despised by many, she never allowed that to be a cog in her wheel.

For the non Jamaicans in the audience, some of the things they said and the manner in which it was said may have resulted in many being lost in translation.

But laughter is universal and when there was something to laugh about or even smile, they all did, it did not matter if they were young or old, the messages was clear from the scenes in the university office to the court house.

The show took another twist when Delcita touched on some pressing issues in the home circle such as marriage, abuse in the work place, homosexuality and the plight of children who have been separated from one parent of both.

Prior to the play, another Jamaican Stand Up Comedian, Jay Martin who now resides in Canada, a rising star in the entertainment industry convinced the audience why his presence was merited on the stage when he wore the cap as MC for the night and entertainer.

At the conclusion of the almost four hour show, Minister of Culture, Youth & Sports Rita Bourne Gumbs who was among those that offered an on the spot review of what had transpired.

“It was a vast amount of talent we saw on stage, I love the production,  the language and humor was appropriate,” the Minister stated.

“The show was wonderful, it was very entertaining and there was a lot of morals to the show. It was rather un fortunate that sometimes the sound was not so good, but it was an entertaining night, “said Mr Alexis.

“After a stressed out day, this is what you want to experience, it was wonderful, words can’t express it” said Jean David Richardson, a member of the Collectivite.

“The show was absolutely hilarious, absolutely fantastic,” said member of Parliament Louie Laviest.

“The show was really good even though certain things I could not understand,” Chantal.

“The show was marvelous, they are good and she has improved a lot, she is the best” said Sherene, who is also a Jamaican that saw the group perform before.

The general consensus was that the show was a success and those who attended got their money’s worth thanks to the Laugh Til Belly Burst Organization and the sponsors Hennessy and UTS.

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Toothless Delcita teased and pleased the audience by

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