Tomorrow is Flag Day “A call to unite around a common purpose”

POSTED: 06/12/13 4:32 PM

St. Maarten – Outgoing Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams encourages the community to hang the country’s flag from their homes, offices and other buildings on Flag Day tomorrow to show pride in St. Maarten.

“A flag is a unifier. It represents a group, a nation, a people. It is a call to unite around a common purpose. This is our flag. It is a symbol that represents us,” Wescot-Williams stated in a press release

The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 08.30 a.m. at the Government Administration Building at the Clem Labega Square with the hoisting of the national flag. The commemoration will continue with a church service at the Roman Catholic Church at noon.

Based on the island decree there is a right and wrong way to display the flag. Some of these regulations include that the flying of the flag should only be from sunrise to sunset and the flag should be risen briskly in the morning and slowly in the evening; the flag should not be flown at night while unlit; the flag should not be flown in the rain or in inclement weather; the flag should never touch the ground and when a flag is old or worn out or damaged it should be retired and old flags should be burned or buried but never thrown in the trash.

The outgoing Prime Minister further commented that the flag is one of our most important symbols and should be given all the respect it deserves: “The flag should be held in the highest esteem as it represents the nation and those who gave their lives for St. Maarten.”


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Tomorrow is Flag Day “A call to unite around a common purpose” by

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