Today’s Opinion: We stand corrected

POSTED: 06/17/11 2:20 PM

Prosecutor Bart den Hartigh pointed out to us that attorney Brenda Brooks also made a reference to desisting if the court would not give her the opportunity to hear her client’s son before Judge Keppels denied the request.

We did not pick that up, but we’re sure the prosecutor did. That is why he made the remark that Brooks was committing judicial blackmail.

That makes our case for pleading not guilty obviously a tad weaker, though we think that blackmail – like, say, voodoo – requires a susceptible victim.

While we think that the feisty Brooks will probably get her way with a lot of people, we also think that she won’t get that easily past our resident Judge Keppels.

The proof is in the pudding, because Keppels ignored the attempt at blackmail and simply turned the request down.

So do we have a case of judicial blackmail on our hands after all? A little bit maybe; but it was certainly not successful, and we’re curious to see whether brooks will try a similar stunt in the future.

We stand, of course, corrected.


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