Today’s Opinion: Troublemakers

POSTED: 03/19/11 8:36 PM

The call by St. Maarten Carnival Foundation president Stuart Johnson on troublemakers to stay home during Carnival is understandable, given the fact that there is always something happening during the celebrations that qualifies for the label not good.

In 2007, there was still some humor in the fact that two inmates escaped during the grand parade from the Pointe Blanche prison, but the year after the party ended with no less than eighteen arrests and one man with serious stab wounds in hospital. Police officers confiscated a machete, a meat cleaver, three knives, a brass knuckle and two pairs of scissors. There were numerous fights, all of them among youngsters.

After that rather disastrous year in terms of Carnival related violence it has been relatively quiet, but there is no reason to take anything for granted. In this sense, the Carnival foundation, the police and the fire department are doing the right thing by making clear that troublemakers will be, well, in trouble if they upset the applecart.

The strategy used in the past couple of years by the police has had some effect too. Troublemakers, who were detained for fighting or weapons possession on the first day of Carnival, were guaranteed a place behind bars until the celebrations were over.

That strategy may still be there, but the available cell space is, as we all know, severely limited. That unfortunate circumstance does not guarantee a free ride to troublemakers, because when push comes to shove, law enforcement will find a way to keep them off the streets.

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