Today’s Opinion: The beginning of a new age

POSTED: 06/9/11 1:01 PM

Staffers of the Telem Group were told Tuesday that things are about to change at the company some have worked at for multiple decades. Recognizing that change can be difficult the management took the time to spell out exactly how the changes will be done. They’ve also taken the time to consult their speaking partner – the union.

This sort of approach is undoubtedly a wise choice. What is wiser is that the management has left itself open for further questioning so that people can continue to be involved.

What is necessary now is that the staffers realize that they must prepare for new realities. There’s already a hint that some will not be placed once the restructuring is completed and we believe now is the time for those who feel they may be at risk, to ask whether they want to continue with the company or if they want to explore other opportunities. That self analysis will make any potential departures an easier process.

On the other hand we believe the company should continue to ensure that the process is fair and transparent and people who have proven they can do their job, or even take on more responsibility are not pushed to the side to give the people who play the office politics a chance to advance. Therefore, as the restructuring moves forward, the management must look at where it wants to go, and what future it wants to create for its staff and it customers. If that is a future where Telem is the number one company in our country, then the best heads will be needed in the right positions

Telem stands at the brink of a new age and has the chance to take the company to a glorious and bright future or it can be plunged into an abysmal darkness from which it may never recover. The requirement of this new age is that the right choices are made.


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