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POSTED: 05/26/11 12:44 PM

The murder of Hector Miguel Arrindell has just one upside: it ends the victim’s prosecution in the Snowflake-trial. Arrindell would have appeared in the Court in First Instance today, together with his brother Rodolfo and two other suspects to hear from Judge mr. M. Keppels whether their trail will go ahead or that the prosecution will be declared inadmissible.
The temptation is obviously strong to link both events. The case against the remaining three suspects is about a huge cocaine transport from Colombia via St. Maarten to the Netherlands. That transport bloopered because the suspects were arrested last year; in a house in Cole Bay investigators confiscated 170 kilos of the drug. That catch represents a huge amount of money and the question is obviously whether the defendants were indebted to their suppliers.
A scorned drug dealer is a force to reckon with. But the office of the public prosecutor declined to comment on the case yesterday, confirming only that there had been a shooting. Chief Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos did not even want to release the victim’s name, but that information had already come to us via his attorney mr. S.R. Bommel who heard about the shooting while she was in court defending teenager against attempted murder charges.
Bommel confirmed that the victim had intended to attend the court hearing today, but she had no idea whether the crime is linked to the court case.
That is also hard to believe because today’s court hearing is only set up for a ruling by Judge Keppels on the admissibility of the prosecution. If she rules against the prosecution, the trial is dead in the water and the defendants will not be prosecuted. If the ruling goes the other way, the court intends to set a date for that trial later in the year.
There seems therefore not to be an urgent reason stemming from these procedures for the shooting. If the crime is indeed linked to the confiscated drugs and the failed drugs transport, the killers could have done their job anytime since the defendants were released from preventive custody last year.
Apart from this, the killing is a fair warning to anyone who intends to get involved in the lucrative drugs trade. We all know the story of the rip deal that ended with the killing of Marco Beaumont. When things go wrong it this business, there is seldom a happy ending.

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