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POSTED: 05/6/11 2:42 PM

We marveled at yesterday’s show hosted on Radio Soualiga featuring Internet terrorist Judith Roumou.

The lady of the countless web sites and Facebook-pages, who faces legal action from several corners, got the free run of the airwaves for almost a quarter of an hour to play the innocent school girl who is doing nothing wrong and who certainly is, according to her own definition, not an Internet terrorist.

While Roumou did not have to answer any critical question – any question, period – she grabbed the opportunity to justify her outrageous Internet-escapades with a dazzling web of conspiracy-stories that would make the head of any novelist spin.

Roumou claimed that she had so many web sites and Facebook-pages because “they” kept shutting her down.

And who are they? Well, Julian Rollocks and the Democratic Party of course. They hired her to badmouth Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger, Roumou claimed. She also involved Samuel Allen’s web site sxmislandtimes in the conspiracy by claiming that his assistance would be rewarded with buying expensive advertising space.

All of these statements, Julian Rollocks said, are half-truths at best, but mostly blatant lies.

The Democratic Party does not have any authority to shut down a Facebook page or a web page. But providers who offer bloggers their platform on the Internet have rules their users have to abide by.

Could it be that Roumou’s pages are constantly shut down because she uses offensive and unfounded terms like government slut, racist, thieves and what have you and because she posts free porn videos to generate more traffic? It would not surprise us.

Rollocks had a nice surprise for Roumou when he reacted to her cry-story: he spoke with the FBI in Miami about her Internet-activities and he assured her in a direct address on the radio that she would be arrested the moment she sets foot in the United States.

We figure that Roumou will prefer to keep hanging out in St. Peters, because the local penal code offers no options to prosecute her. Not that this would bother her, because, as the prosecutor’s office has pointed out, even if this were the case, the possible penalties would be too light to make her change her ways.

That Roumou still has an audience is due to the fact that there is a market for badmouthing people, especially if they have public functions.

And while Roumou is entirely free to give her opinions, we think it is a bit rich that she continues to bash her targets in the crudest of terms. At Radio Soualiga, all these things don’t seem to matter, because radio host Eddie Williams did not bring any of this up when he opened the microphone. It was easier to let the Internet terrorist meekly deny that she is an Internet terrorist and to leave listeners with the distinct impression that she is in fact the victim. It certainly is a way to get people to listen to the radio. Little do they know that the station has an axe to grind with Roumou’s prime victim Julian Rollocks because he took his radio program Strictly Business from Radio Soualiga to a station on the French side.


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