Today’s Opinion: Number crunchers

POSTED: 05/26/11 12:38 PM

We always thought of bankers as dull number crunchers but since the downfall of IMF top dog Dominique Strauss-Kahn media the world over have made it their job to take a closer look at this occupational group. In Great Britain an internet site investigated almost 1,900 bankers, male and female.
They discovered that male bankers are four times more likely to have an affair than female bankers. Almost three-quarter of all bankers admitted to have had one or more affairs.
Male bankers seem to approach their affairs as a business proposition, because – believe it or not – 37 percent said that having an affair was cheaper than a divorce. Not that bankers are cheapskates: they spend on average a bit more than $560 on a date. The average affair lasts 21 days and includes four dates. In other words, when everything is said (and done) straying bankers have a hole of $2,240 in their private bank account. That must hurt.

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