Today’s Opinion: No mercy

POSTED: 04/18/11 4:55 PM

Sylvain Ephimenco is a French journalist who worked as a correspondent for the leftwing daily Liberation in the Netherlands for seventeen years. Since 1992 he writes a column for the Dutch daily Trouw. Born in 1956 in Algeria, Ephimenco is the first French to write a novel directly in the Dutch language – Facades, in 1991.

Last week, Ephimenco expressed his thoughts about the trial of Geert Wilders. As far as I am concerned, he wrote, that trial may continue for a couple of decades. It is very entertaining, with spectacular incidents and unexpected twists.

Ephimenco refers to the interrogation of the Arabic scholar Hans Jansen about a dinner during which he was supposedly intimidated. Jansen immediately told the court that he did not feel safe because of the presence behind him of one of the plaintiffs. That man, Ephimenco noted with gusto, was an internet lawyer by the name of Jeroen de Kreek, who supposedly told Jansen that he “ought to be slaughtered like a pig.”

The judge removed De Kreek from the courtroom, and Janssen apparently felt safe again. “Are you a bit more at ease now? the Judge asked, and Ephimenco spotted a trace of sarcasm in that little line.

Ephimenco had to laugh, he wrote, because he knows Jansen as someone who does not shy away from “swollen exaggeration.” All the same, the columnist did some research on De Kreek, because, he said, he wanted to know who is wielding the “hate mongering bat” apart from attorney Gerard Spong and former politician Mohammed Rabbae.

Ephimenco vaguely remembered De Kreek as somebody some people have referred to in the past as an eccentric idiot. In 2007 he was sentenced for stalking Prime Minister Balkenende and on one of his web sites, De Kreek once wrote, “While vigilante justice has to be disapproved off, execution on the spot of Jan Peter Balkenende is maybe the most sensible solution.”

The question is, the columnist mused, whether it is the sensible thing to do to admit such a crackpot to a courtroom where the most-threatened politician of the moment is present. Only after extensive visits to his many web sites, I found the answer, Ephimenco wrote: not a good idea.

Sites like, and all gave the columnist the shivers. We sympathize.

De Kreek called politicians like Donner, Verhagen, Rouvoet and Hirsch Ballin mass murderers and practitioners of genocide who possibly killed millions of people. That part of De Kreek’s pathology, Ephimenco notes. But the man’s hatred towards the Jews made him fall over backwards, and he wondered why these cesspits have not been closed down yet and taken off the internet. De Kreek systematically denies the Holocaust, labels circumcision as “ritual child porn among Jews,” and offers the suggestion that the Jews were gassed by Jewish Nazis.

About Minister Rosenthal De Kreek wrote: “Of a Jew as Minister of Foreign Affairs like Uri Rosenthal one may expect that he refrains from taking part in war crimes, terrorism and genocide. That he and his party are taking part in international crimes in spite of this is typical for Jews like the Jew Uri Rosenthal.”

Already in 2009 the first complaints against De Kreek were filed and nothing was ever done with them, Ephimenco notes. And now he is admitted to a courtroom where a trial about hatemongering takes place partly due to him.

Ephimenco’s conclusion is as merciless as it is correct: “And nobody gets the idea to escort De Kreek to the only correct place for him in that court room.”


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