Today’s Opinion: Middle ground

POSTED: 05/6/11 2:44 PM

The story about the conflict between a gynecologist and a head nurse at the St. Maarten Medical Center has made some waves in the past couple of days.

Somehow we have the feeling that there is more to this incident than meets the eye. When the only version of a fight available for public consumption comes from the presumably injured party it is tempting to jump to conclusions and to declare the other party guilty by default.

We understand that the gynecologist pushed the nurse. That is wrong, no doubt about that. But nobody has answered the question why a situation arose that led to this unfortunate situation. It is hard to imagine that gynecologists routinely push head nurses around every time there is a difference of opinion.

The impression we get is that we’re looking at a conflict-oriented instead of a solution-oriented situation. Professionals who have the interest of their patients at heart would not lightly go screaming to the media about something that should not have happened.  They would find middle ground, but that is hard to come by in St. Maarten.


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