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POSTED: 05/24/11 1:27 PM

Remember those guys from Family Radio who roamed the streets of St. Maarten about a week and a half ago to scare the living daylights out of us by announcing that the world would come to an end last Saturday?

Well, as we all know by now, Family Radio was not exactly on target, because the world is still turning, this newspaper is still appearing, and our politicians are in attack mode over the six-month labor contracts. The stores were open on Saturday and it was, well, business as usual.

The man behind the Judgment Day prediction is the American preacher Harold Camping. He has what we would call a bad track record. In 1994 he predicted Jesus’ return to earth and unless we missed something, we don’t remember that that happened either.

After such a monumental blooper one would expect a reasonable explanation from Camping and his Family Radio Empire. Before J-Day, Campbell had told reporters that he would await the apocalypse at home in front of his television. He was expecting a big earthquake. But when Saturday came and went without any major disaster, the preacher suddenly was not available for the media anymore.

Local reporters who went to Camping’s house in Alameda, California, said that he did not answer the door. Camping had predicted that J-Day would start in New-Zealand but the kiwi’s didn’t notice a thing.

Given his advanced age, the May 21 Judgment Day prediction may be the last we‘ll ever hear of Camping and his Family Radio. Fortunately for doomsday fans there will be plenty of others ready to take over from him.

America showed once more to be the land of unlimited opportunities, even under the threat of Camping’s Judgment Day prediction.

A group of atheist Americans calling themselves Eternal Earthbound Pets offered Christians who thought they were taking their trip to heaven last Saturday to take care of their animals. The group offered its service for $135 a pop.

One would think that even firm believers in Harold Camping’s doomsday announcement would not be so crazy to fall for this generous offer. But guess what: the atheist animal Saviors sold already 259 contracts in 26 different states – collecting close to $35,000 in the process. The contracts are valid for ten years, so missing Judgment Day last Saturday is not the end of the world.

There are plenty of predictions that Judgment Day will come on December 21 of next year. That prediction is based on the Maya-calendar.


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