Today’s Opinion: Investigation

POSTED: 05/6/11 2:47 PM

We are looking forward with interest to the results of the investigation at the Pointe Blanche prison into the escape of Omar “Chucky” N.

The young criminal has been on the lam for 48 days now, and his enthusiasm to come back where he belongs will not increase knowing that the maximum penalty for his jump to freedom carries a maximum penalty of ten years. Not that he will get that much when he gets caught, but on top of the possible sentence he is facing for a series of violent crimes, he will certainly get at least one year extra.

But Chucky’s fate is probably less interesting than the fate of those who might have been involved in the escape. Currently there is obviously no indication that anyone on the inside – prison staff, that is – was in any way involved in facilitating the young man’s escape.

The fact is however, that Chucky did escape – with or without help. And the National Detective Agency has made it its business to figure out how this could happen. Of course, if the investigation reveals that others were involved, they will be prosecuted for it. But if, on the other hand, Chucky did it all on his own, there are even more serious questions to be answered about the prison regime, because this would indicate that the facility is not as secure as it should be.


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