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POSTED: 05/18/11 12:22 PM

It is quite entertaining to read the reactions to the action by the public prosecutor against Global Wealth Trade, the multilevel marketing company that wanted to entice more people in St. Maarten to join its sales force this week.
Of course, there is nothing illegal about multi level marketing. But it is always good to know who will be holding the short end of the stick at the end of the day. Usually those are the people who think that doing business with Global Wealth Trade is the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to make some extra income and a chance to help the company, as it advertised, building the billion.
Well, sorry to disappoint you. If it is true that global Wealth Trade has “more than 800 members in St. Maarten” then these people are sitting on jewelry and handbags worth at least $244,800, while they also forked over a combined $155,200 in membership fees. In the unimaginable worst case scenario whereby all 800 members immediately bought the Platinum package, the island is now loaded with more than $2.4 million worth of Global Wealth merchandise.
How are 800 home-based jewelry stores going to make a penny out of their stock on an island like St. Maarten? Or do they expect to sell their wares via the internet?
In a reaction on the internet the legal team of Global Wealth wrote, literally, that “the corporate team traveled to St. Maarten to support and train their LCs (local consultants) from 21 islands.”
If that is so, why did the members of this corporate team then lied to immigration and told them they were coming here for a vacation? They did not get paid for being there and it was for educational and training purposes only,” the legal team added.
If that is so, then why did the police officers on the spot note that the corporate team was actually promoting its merchandise and recruiting new consultants?
The legal team claims that the police were looking for work permits; in fact they were looking for business licenses.
Global Wealth Trade’s legal team also pointed to a web site where it is “rated as the number one direct sales company in the world.”
We visited that web site, and we found a boisterous review. And not only that: the review listed founder Reza Mesgarlou as the company’s top earner with an annual income of $840,000. Felicia Williams in St. Maarten ranks number eleven on this list with an estimated income of $168,000. There is of course no way to verify these figures, but there is no doubt that they work as a magnet on people who are dying to make a decent income.
But like in all multi level marketing companies the top earners are the ones who joined the business in its early stages. If there really are 800 Global Wealth Trade consultants in St. Maarten they’ll have to carve up a market consisting of approximately 90,000 max (French and Dutch side combined), these home based jewelers have an average market of 112.5 consumers – babies, toddlers, and senior citizens included.
We wish these consultants all the best.

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Comments (2)


  1. Frank says:

    Not much of your last commentary as well as this one is accurate. It is obvious that you keep wanting to present your uninformed opinion on Multi-Level marketing as facts. Let me inform you with some level of intelligent commentary on GWT Corp and the MLM industry.
    Fact 1: No MLM Company in history (70 years) has ever saturated a market –ever. AMWAY had 8 million distributors and they have never saturated a market in 65 years that they have been in business. Reason MLM has no borders and everyone can and will build their businesses outside their city or country. Many of the St Maarten LCs have teams developing in Canada, Miami, Europe and even Africa, Most of the active LCs in St Maarten have teams outside St Maarten hence the large incomes. Lastly anyone can sell GWT’s ultra luxury designer products and make serious retail profits. This can be achieved through
    – Home parties
    – Trade shows
    – Internet
    The company offers its LCs state of art marketing tools which includes internet marketing templates for FREE. This allows the LCs to be able to market these fine luxury items world wide and the latest information this week from the company showed that over 175,000 of these templates were use in May alone. That is serious marketing and serious profits for anyone who decided to use the tools. Again all these tools are being offered to the LCs for FREE.
    I can go on and challenge every piece of information that have written in your commentary. It is obvious that you have very little knowledge of the industry yet you are very vocal. This is a serious threat to the credibility of Todays Newspaper and its printed content. That said instead of spending more time here, I rather spend that time selling my FERI luxury lines and make another $8,000 this month.
    Frank May

  2. MIM member says:

    First I like to start by saying lC stands for luxury consultant and not a local consultant. Secondly global wealth trade is in it’s 7 year of operation with over 8000 members that is ranked the number one company in the world with the #1 pay plan with the #1 products along with the #1 support system with the #1 trainers in the world by who is an independent organization who talks about the good,the bad and the ugly.We are all amazed at the ignorance of the people in the media. As if anybody can print whatever they like as they like for the sake of having something to print and make news.
    Another mind blowing fact is how some officials can make comments and remarks and in some cases making allegations without any knowledge of the topic whom they are attacking. Wow. It’s just unbelieveable
    In Global wealth trade we have a company that is changing lives globally specially in the islands. The proof is in the printout and us people will not let the evil ruin this for us. Long live GWT