Today’s Opinion: Courtside manners

POSTED: 04/11/11 12:22 PM

There is no love lost between mr. J.G. Bloem and W.A. van Sambeek. The attorneys were in court yesterday for summary proceedings concerning a suspended employee of Alpha Marketing and Management, Royal Resort’s vehicle for the sale of timeshare weeks at the former Pelican Resort.

When van Sambeek entered the courtroom, he went to Bloem’s table and extended his hand, but Bloem refused to take it.

When Van Sambeek put a friendly hand on his shoulder, Bloem snapped, “And refrain from touching me too.”

Later during the court proceedings, Van Sambeek got upset about a remark by the opposing counsel. He shoved his chair back noisily, and then slammed it angrily against the table.

Judge mr. D.M. Thierry saw no reason to call him to order, but Bloem could not resist calling his colleague’s behavior “unprofessional.”

The feud between the two attorneys has a history that stems from the court battles between the “new” owners of the Pelican Resort and the employees. Van Sambeek was hired as legal counsel by the Wifol labor union, while Bloem represented the Simpson Bay Resort companies.

Bloem threatened Van Sambeek with legal action last month if he did not retract “factually incorrect, grievous and slanderous comments” in the media about his client Royal Resort Marketing during the Pelican-saga.

So far, van Sambeek has stood by his statements.


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