Today’s Opinion: Countdown to cheaper gas

POSTED: 05/8/11 7:08 PM

Good news never travels alone. Weird, but true. Now we are reading that the oil prices on the world market are on the way down, and that sounds like good news for people who are suffering at the hands of gas stations. Oil prices down, gas prices down. Right? Yeah, well, sooner or later. Probably later.

It will be interesting to see how fast the government will react to these new price trends.

The reasons for declining oil prices are not all positive: they are fueled by reports about worsening economic conditions and by the rising dollar.

Since Wednesday, oil prices dipped by almost 12 percent, while the euro dipped below $1.45 after losing 3 dollar cent in value earlier this week.

So let’s set today as Day 1 and count how long it will take before gas becomes finally cheaper again.

And oh, before we forget, last time we looked gas at the 1 euro is 1 dollar gas stations on the French side was $1.33, almost twenty cents below the Dutch-side price level.

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