Reader’s Letter: Wake up before it’s too late!

POSTED: 04/15/11 12:31 PM

Dear Editor,

The recent chaos contributed by the closing of the timeshare resort, Pelican, was only the tip of the iceberg with regard to timeshare in St. Maarten.

St. Maarten is filled with timeshare resorts and, for years, those owners at timeshare resorts have been treated like second class citizens on the island of St. Maarten. I am an owner of three weeks at a timeshare resort in St. Maarten and have been for twenty-one years. Many others purchased weeks around the same time and now, those same people are senior citizens who live on fixed incomes.

We have seen our maintenance fees rise from $250 per week to over $1, 200 per week at Flamingo Beach Resort. I can tell you that in those 21 years the price of a rental car or groceries or a meal in a restaurant has not increased proportionately. For at least the last ten years, we have paid the same weekly fee for the rental of a car in St. Maarten.

So, why does the government of St. Maarten allow such increases and other inequities regarding timeshare ownership, not to mention the weekly $50 government tax as well? It was a disgrace to allow Pelican Resort to close.

Over those years, we have spent thousands of dollars shopping for groceries, eating out, jewelry, rental of cars, etc. on St. Maarten. Yet, we do not seem to be appreciated one iota. Because of all the bad publicity given to St. Maarten and timeshare, in general, we are unable to sell our weeks even if we wanted to.

We made the decision not to come to St. Maarten in 2011 for all the above reasons. We have loved this place for so long and considered it our home away from home. But, quite frankly, like so many others, if we could sell, we would be long gone.

Isn’t it time for the courts and the government to take action and protect the majority of the tourists, the timeshare owners, on the Island of St. Maarten?


Marjorie Lawson

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  1. Mark J. Roebber says:

    Don’t count on the courts and the government of St. Maarten to help . As an original owner at Pelican Resort it was quite obvious that the St. Maarten politicians as well as the courts are being paid off by the organized crime bosses who are now in control of many of the time share companies. I personally think that this is being done in order to “launder” hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal drug profits. I am very upset that the “new” owners of Simpson Bay Resorts run by Richard Sutton are even operating. I don’t know how they can run a resort with no moveable assets. When the forclosure was allowed to occur the only thing that Simpson Bay Resorts bought was rthe land and the buildings…not the furniture, appliances, beach chairs, etc.. I am deeply saddened that the gov’t of St. Maarten is allowing Simpson Bay Resorts to operate and “rent” units with all of the original owners of Pelican Resort movable assets being utilized by Royal Resorts and Simpson Bay Resorts. I personally never have given permission for those criminals to use my beds, refridgerator, furniture, lounge chairs, lamps, etc. and make a profit thru rentals and maintenance fees. Where is our cut???